Why Phase Two is Different

Students often us ask "What makes Phase Two different from Phase One?"

The answer is simple. Phase Two involves more hands-on leadership activities.

Phase Two students:

  • Participate in a year long group project
  • Attend fewer workshops
  • Are offered leadership roles like the EIL Ambassador and Camp Yale facilitator positions
  • Have the opportunity to facilitate a workshop for Phase One

Students often report that Phase Two is more challenging than Phase One.  It should be. Leadership is a development process. We should always strive to grow.

With challenge comes reward. Look at some of the comments from our EIL graduates.

"Getting involved with Excellence in Leadership has been one of my most memorable college experiences. In Phase II of the program, I was able to fully carry out all of the leadership skills that I learned in Phase I. The opportunity to work on such a great service project in Phase II, and to work with an amazing group of my peers, has really prepared me to become not only a better leader on campus, but a better leader in the community, workplace and anywhere else." - Whitley Roberts

"Phase Two of EIL really helped me develop as a leader by putting me in actual leadership roles. I had the opportunity to plan a project that helped the Muncie community, be a speaker for an EIL presentation and learn that leadership is beyond myself. I am better prepared to take on my leadership positions around campus this year because of EIL." - Heather Watts

"Phase Two is strategically designed to allow all of it's members to act on the foundation of leadership knowledge that is built during Phase One. In Phase Two there's a task to accomplish that unlike Phase One, requires more of you than simply attending workshops.  Because of this, there's also a greater sense of accomplishment as you work with team members outside of class." - Matt Jordan

"Phase 2 really taught me what kind of leader I am and how can use that type of leadership in my everyday life." - Audrey Nelson Yucatonis

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