Program Goals

Goal One: To help students create a rich leadership identity.  Leaders define themselves first. They know their philosophy, their goals, their vision and their approach. Leaders operate from a strong sense of self. They know that they must understand themselves before they can lead their team.

Goal Two: To create opportunities for individuals to gain confidence in their own abilities and to learn the skills and ethics needed to help groups progress and achieve. Our workshops are built on nationally recognized competencies. We focus on the skills you need to lead. Our workshops are a blend of lecture and activity. We also include intentional assignments that are designed to challenge you. Confidence is built by growth.

Goal Three: To create opportunities to meet other students. Leaders do not develop in isolation. They are influenced by those around them- that’s why we provide opportunities for students to meet other emerging leaders. Our workshops are interactive, and our students work in teams. Every week will provide you opportunities to connect with other emerging leaders.

Goal Four: To prepare students for the responsibilities of leadership and service to the university and society. Responsibility is central to authority. We reinforce responsibility through our workshops, projects, and program design. We believe every aspect of our program, from our formal efforts to the way we make decisions, should teach responsibility.


Excellence in Leadership
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Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

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