EIL Ambassadors

Excellence in Leadership Ambassadors are current (and past) program participants who help with recruitment and programs. Ambassadors receive special training in August to prepare them for the fall recruitment season. This training includes useful information about body language, effective use of social media, and creating an elevator pitch. 

Ambassadors can earn rewards through our innovative "incentive program" which allows students to select the recruitment method which best matches their strengths.  Ambassadors can earn points through social media, public speaking, tabling, classroom visits, letters to the editor, and creative use of video. 

Although fall recruitment only lasts the first six weeks of the academic year, many Ambassadors continue to contribute to the EIL program after their official duties are over. Ambassadors assist with crowd management, attendance, and other logistics at large workshops and major programs.  In return for their loyal service, Ambassadors are among the first students selected for special opportunities such as dinner at President's house, meeting keynote speakers, earning scholarships, and various campus positions. 

Ambassadors are selected every spring. Interested students must apply for the position and participate in a brief interview with an EIL staff member.