Jack Hesser, Fall 2014 EIL Participant
Previously served as the President Pro Tempore of the Student Government Association and President of Hall Council. Currently involved as the General Chair of Homecoming and Lambda Chi Alpha

Leadership isn't about being perfect, it's about constantly learning and growing into the best leader you can be. I have been so fortunate in my involvement here at Ball State University. With each opportunity I have had, I have learned so much about myself, and how to better communicate and lead others. True leaders take advantage of every opportunity they can to better themselves; Excellence in Leadership is an amazing, one of a kind, opportunity. What drew me to E.I.L. was the professional staff that teach it: the staff are all experienced leaders who advise many of the organizations on this campus. Their variety of experiences in their own organizations, as well as professional expertise advising, will provide me with a perspective I have not had the privilege of having. It will allow me to further my education regarding leadership, and my abilities to lead others.

Evan Neace, Class of 2016
Involved as a Resident Assistant and a member of Pi Kappa Phi

This has been a fantastic experience that helped to shape my first two years at Ball State University. I have learned so much about myself, leadership, and event planning through this program. The staff is very helpful and is truly passionate about helping us. I have formed connections and relationships that I otherwise would not have, and I have had once-in-a-lifetime experiences while in EIL! 

Rachel Hedinger, Class of 2017
Hiatt-Wickham scholarship recipient and 2014-2015 Phase 2 participant
The EIL program is a great program as it allows students to network with others with similar passion and motivation, ultimately allowing them to grow together as leaders. It is a phenomenal opportunity to attend a variety of workshops and hear numerous perspectives on leadership from people who are experienced.