So what exactly is entrepreneurial learning? Some of our visionaries behind this concept explain the risks and rewards. Read the story.

Entrepreneurial learning occurs both in and out of the classroom, within dynamic environments where knowing intersects with making and creative experimentation, where students and faculty learn together through productive application of knowledge.

What Is Entrepreneurial Learning?

Entrepreneurial Learning works across disciplines and teaches:

  • opportunity recognition
  • comfort with risk
  • creativity and innovation
  • future orientation
  • flexibility and adaptability
  • initiative and self-reliance 
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • communication and collaboration

What We Do

Each semester, the Office of Entrepreneurial Learning, academic departments, and campus partners offer a variety of high-impact opportunities through credit-bearing activities and programs. These include an array of community-centered immersive learning projects and undergraduate research possibilities. In addition, OEL offers faculty development opportunities including the Entrepreneurial Learning Summer Academy. If you are Ball State faculty wishing to apply for this academy in 2017, see the online application

The Office of Entrepreneurial Learning serves as a clearinghouse for this activity. We provide: 

  • assistance to faculty planning and implementing large-scale immersive learning and undergraduate research projects involving entrepreneurial learning strategies; this assistance includes proposal development, student recruitment, assessment tools, connecting with community partners, internal collaborators and sources of funding, and identifying research and presentation opportunities
  • coordination of professional development programs encouraging faculty to incorporate high-impact, entrepreneurial strategies into their classes
  • communications that assist faculty in connecting with campus partners that promote entrepreneurial learning strategies