Spring 2018

Book Arts Collaborative

Students in this project will professionalize their skills through a variety of hands-on learning and management experiences! This ongoing project, located at MadJax in Downtown Muncie, involves letterpress printing and hand-sewn book binding, as well as community workshop instruction in these apprentice-taught skills. Book Arts Collaborative sells its work through a network of Central Indiana retailers, and students work with those business and gallery owners. Students publicize their workshops at street fairs and book arts-related events. Their website also includes a student-written blog. Their facilities include about a dozen vintage printing presses, a plethora of metal type, and all of the tools and materials necessary to print and bind books. Students can register for 3-6 credit hours for this project.

For more information, contact Rai Peterson, Department of English. Apply now!

Cultural Identities and Community Engagement 

In this project, students will explore the intersectionality of cultural identities, history and impact of structural racism, positionality of race, and strategies for promoting inclusion and civic engagement through family and history research, presentations, oral storytelling, and/or the development of traveling exhibits.

Students will work along with community members to develop and administer a train-the-facilitator curriculum for school and community educators to facilitate discussions and social action plans using the Facing Racism book as a resource. It is designed as an interactive seminar to foster student discussion, discover family histories, and promote community involvement. The course is constructed from curriculum developed in the community program; It is Well With My Soul.

This course will meet on five Saturdays throughout the semester (1/27, 2/10, 3/24, 4/7, and 4/21) from 9am to 4pm. You will earn credit in EDAC 698.

For more information, contact Ruby Cain, Department of Educational Studies. Apply now!

DANCE! Muncie After-School

Interested in dance? Childhood education? Community engagement? Be a part of the DANCE! Muncie After-School program this spring. Join Ball State Dance majors in this real-world experience with hands-on teaching in an after-school program in Muncie Community Schools.

Under faculty mentorship, students will work together to conduct research and develop dance curriculums for grades K-5, implement curriculums in Muncie Community Schools, and disseminate findings through presentations and a curriculum handbook. Upon completion of this class students will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance and power of dance in young lives, will be well-versed in effective teaching methods, and will have developed strong collaborative skills; students will earn academic credit. If you are a dance, theatre education, kinesiology, or elementary education major, or if you would like to develop or hone your strengths in curriculum development and teaching in public schools, this class is for you!

For more information, contact Melanie Swihart, Department of Theatre and Dance. Apply now

Developing Children's Mathematical Proficiency in Cultural Contexts

In this partnership with Muncie Community Schools, participants engage with elementary students and teachers to develop knowledge and skills for fostering children’s learning, with special attention to mathematics. Participants will also work with parents to develop an understanding of the cultural contexts of children’s lives and encourage the extension and integration of children’s mathematical learning experiences. Collaborative, interdisciplinary learning experiences for participants include working with the teachers to provide supplementary mathematics instruction for small groups of children, designing and implementing lessons for whole-class instruction, and designing and implementing a Family Math Night to engage parents and children in doing mathematics.

Majors encouraged to apply are early childhood education, elementary education, and dual special education/elementary education. The class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm at East Washington Academy. Participants will earn a total of 12 credit hours in EDEL 350, EDFO 420, EDRD 350 and MATH 391. [Prerequisites for these courses must be satisfied.]

For more information, contact Lynette Varner, Department of Elementary Education. Apply now

Digging In:  Muncie's Food System

Join a team of Ball State students eager to capture stories—and recipes—that celebrate the flavors of Muncie. This team will produce profiles, photo essays and videos that portray the lives of producers, gardeners, nonprofit leaders and more as part of a storytelling movement to nourish the community and strengthen our local food system. We will be developing infographics to explain obstacles and opportunities in Delaware County and how-to guides to encourage personal gardening and composting. A resource guides detail pantries, farmers markets, farms and festivals in the region. Community members are coming to the table by filling out recipe cards with cherished recipes and stories, which we ask them to share with neighbors or leave in one of Muncie’s Little Free Libraries. Passionate, self-starters in any major are encouraged to reach out to the faculty mentor with questions about how they can contribute to the project, but we are definitely looking for students studying news, photo journalism, journalism graphics and magazine media.

For more information, contact Kate Elliott, Department of Journalism. Apply now!

Digital Audience Analytics Consulting for Local Media Markets

By working withaleading, localTV station,WTHR-TVin Indianapolis, this service-based immersive learning class focuses on teaching audience analytics, understanding their applications and offering the client ideas to help increase both engagement and revenue through digital optimization. The ultimate goal of this class is to link class practices in audience analytics with the needs of media broadcasters inthereal world. Students will perform an analysis ofthemedia organization’s digital properties such as Website, SEO, mobile apps, and various social media accounts. The recommendations and ideas for testingwill be developed usingWeb analytics (Google), Facebook InsightsTwitter AnalyticsChartbeatCrowdTangle, and other measurement toolsto which theclientwillgiveusaccess. Studentswillalso use secondary research and data to help formulate and support the recommendations for testing. 

For more information, contact Miao Guo, Department of Telecommunications.  Apply now!

Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations

Do you have an interest in designing products that non-profits can use to raise money and support their cause? Do you enjoy making things? In this class, student teams will identify the needs of community partners and then create custom promotional items that create greater awareness and meet fundraising goals. Student teams will research material costs and design a range of promotional items including brochures, printed t-shirt, laser-cut objects, and items that can be sold to generate funds. If you are a business, visual communication, or graphic arts major, or if you are interested in a hands-on learning experience that has practical applications, this class is for you. The class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:15.

For more information, contact 
Rene Church, Department of Technology. Apply now

LEED® Lab™ 

Do you want actual experience in certifying a building for LEED? Ball State has many LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings. How are they performing? Are they saving the energy we thought they would? How about their water usage? Are they being maintained according to green cleaning policies? The LEED for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance rating system will find out. LEED Lab, established by USGBC, has students prepare a plan for certification of existing LEED campus buildings. In this immersive learning class, we will partner with the university as the actual client and students will work towards certifying the David Letterman Communications and Media Building under LEED-EB:O+M (LEED for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance).

For more information please contact Janet Fick or James Jones, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design. Apply now!

Let's Movie Design Studio: Creating Innovative Engagement Strategies for Education/Entertainment Media Partnerships

Using a design studio approach, students will identify, conceive, and build new educational opportunities and innovative audience interactions to reach and engage existing and potential viewers of Turner Classic Movies (TCM), a cable news network known for programming and presenting the best movies of all genres and eras. At the onset of the course, a TCM representative will provide an overview of desired student project outcomes. Moreover, in Spring 2018, the students will travel to TCM's Atlanta headquarters and present their projects directly to TCM executives. Students will gain first-hand experience in supporting high-profile programming initiatives for a major entertainment media network. Given the nature of the final projects, students should already have expertise in one of the following three areas: 1) video and audio production; 2) social media; or 3) writing and/or graphic design skills.

For more information, contact Richard Edwards, iLearn Research. Apply Now!

Measurement and Reporting for Sustainability

Sustainability reporting is a strategy for monitoring and improving an organization’s environmental, social, and economic progress toward sustainable development goals. Thousands of multinational companies use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards to publicly disclose their goals, successes, and challenges. For six years, teams of students have collaborated with Ball State’s Council on the Environment and a host of administrators, faculty, and community members to prepare sustainability reports for Ball State. By the end of this project, members of these student teams were well-versed in the process, metrics, and GRI framework for sustainability reporting.

Be a part of the team that prepares Ball State's 7th sustainability report during spring of 2018. Undergraduate and graduate students with interest in sustainable development, energy and material flow, organizational change, sociology, or those with expertise in journalism, writing, accounting, photography, or graphic and publication design should apply. The project will be offered as SUST 330 Measurement and Reporting for Sustainability on Monday and Wednesday from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm. 

For more information, please contact Mary Annette Rose, Department of Family, Consumer, and Technology Education. Apply now!

Philosophy for High School Students

Interested in big ideas? In blowing minds? Excited about promoting critical thinking and discovery in young people? Or are you interested in event planning? Like to research and problem solve? Philosophy, which encourages students to ask questions, look at familiar things in new ways, listen to one another, and examine their own beliefs and positions, is a fantastic way for high school students to learn about themselves and the world around them. It also helps them prepare for their futures in a complex, ever-changing world. Students in this immersive learning class will divide and conquer to learn about best practices in philosophy education for high school students, run a high school philosophy club at Muncie Central, and plan and host an innovative philosophy conference for high school students across the state to be held at Ball State. We are looking for a wide variety of students with interests and skills in research, problem-solving, and outreach. If you are interested in educational equality and offering new experiences to diverse groups of students, this is the class for you.  If you are a philosophy, English, education, communication studies, or public relations major, or if you would like to develop or hone your strengths in the above-mentioned skills or in advertising, event planning, and high school education, consider this class. 

For more information, contact Sarah Vitale, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Apply now

Solar Start Project

If you are interested in solar energy and empowering Muncie organizations to use renewable energy resources, join a team of students engaged in the Solar Start Project. Under the guidance of a construction management instructor, students will engage in the design and procurement process needed to install a 5 KW solar panel system and will then monitor and analyze the system’s performance after installation is complete. This partnership, which involves the Islamic Center of Muncie and an electrical contractor, will capitalize on increasing awareness for renewable solar energy on campus and in the Muncie community. This project may produce journal articles and/or conference proceedings. You do not have to be in the construction management program to participate in this project.

For more information, contact Sherif Attallah, Department of Construction Management. Apply now