Fall 17

Book Arts Collaborative

Learn letterpress and hand-sewn book binding! Run a new business! These opportunities are available at Book Arts Collaborative, a Provost's Immersive project located in the Madjax Building in downtown Muncie.  Students in the Book Arts Collaborative have an opportunity to invent and make products and also to develop, market, and teach community workshops in printing and book binding. This project is for a total of 6 hours of credit in English and Journalism.

For more information, contact Rai Peterson, Department of English or Colleen Steffen, Department of Journalism. Apply Now!

Computer Science for Middle Schoolers

Are you looking for a way to share your love of computer science and computational thinking? Do you want to help make the world a place where equal opportunities exist for all? Research suggests that social and cultural factors may be behind under-representation in many scientific, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, such as the lack of awareness of different STEM opportunities. Further, there is simply a lack of student exposure to computer science (CS) in elementary and high school. The focus of this immersive learning class will be the identification/development of Computer Science (CS) and Computational Thinking (CT) modules to be implemented during classes or after-school programs at one of our local middle schools. Although CS student focused, an interdisciplinary team of students is being sought to research the partner needs, evaluate existing and develop new pedagogy and content, and deliver a complete program to our partner. If you are majoring or minoring in a related area, including mathematical sciences, education, or computer technology, or simply have an interest, you should seriously consider this opportunity.

For more information, contact David Largent, Department of Computer Science. Apply Now!

Creating Community Through Drama:  Outreach at Muncie Civic Theatre

Calling all theatre geeks!  Looking for students from all majors who have a passion for play and want to improve the connection between Muncie’s historic civic theatre, the community, and the university.  This is a two-semester commitment earning three credits each semester. The team will develop a promotions plan for the grand re-opening of the theatre, devise a program for connecting better with BSU students and parents which might include a stronger presence during orientation, distributing promotional material, ticket give-aways, etc. for fall 2018, promote auditions better on campus to increase diversity of students, get involved with productions through working back stage, develop a sustainable volunteer program, and devise a plan of action based on wishes of Board of Directors. This may include connecting with nursing homes, schools, senior centers, etc. 

For more information, contact Peggy Fisher, Department of Communication Studies. Apply now!

Fine Focus: Catalyzing STEM opportunities for minority undergraduates - Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry 

John McKillip, Department of Biology, and his students will collaborate with fellow undergraduate students in the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) REBUILD Detroit program to explore the intersections of peer teaching, scholarly research, and STEM outreach. Seminar participants will train their UDM peers in scientific writing, manuscript management, and the double-blind scientific peer-review process involved in the development and promotion of the next issue of “Fine Focus” – an international journal for undergraduate microbiology research. Additionally the seminar will create a short film showcasing the specific challenges unique to academically underrepresented students in STEM fields to be used as a recruiting tool for future STEM leaders. The seminars community partners are the American Society for Microbiology, University of Detroit Mercy.

For more information, call the Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry at (765) 287-0117 or contact John McKillip,
Department of Biology.

Fundraising Using Promotional Items for Non-Profits 

Do you have an interest in designing products that non-profits can use to raise money and support their cause?  Do you enjoy making things?  In this class, student teams will identify the needs of community partners and then create custom promotional items that create greater awareness and meet fundraising goals. Student teams will research material costs and design a range of promotional items including brochures, printed t-shirt, laser-cut objects, and items that can be sold to generate funds. If you are a business, visual communication, or graphic arts major, or if you are interested in a hands-on learning experience that has practical applications, this class is for you.

For more information, contact Rene Church, Department of Technology, or call 765-285-5651. Apply now

Improving College Readiness for Indiana High School Students

Students on this project team will act as consultations with a co-team of instructors developing a time management module to guide Indiana Academy students on a path to success.  The time management model is a proof of concept for the delivery of critical college readiness skills through online, adaptive learning modules. This interdisciplinary immersive blended learning project is open to students interested in making a difference for high school students, project management, adaptive learning, digital storyboard, educational technology, curriculum design.The course will be offered as a blended learning experience with scheduled meetings face-to-face in room BC220 on Tuesday from 6 p.m. – 7:50 p.m. plus online sessions.A total of 3 credits may be earned. 

For more information, contact Cindy Cash, iLearn. Apply now!


Ball State University is a recognized leader in sustainable building design and construction, with several LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings on campus and more projects underway. This immersive learning course builds on these accomplishments by establishing the LEED Lab with the goal of having students prepare a plan for certification for the existing campus facilities. Working with the university as the actual client, students will complete the process of certifying the David Letterman Communications and Media Building under LEED-EB:O+M (LEED for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance). Instructors are Janet Fick and Dr. James Jones; TR 2:00pm – 3:15pm.

For more information, contact Janet Fick, Department of Technology. Apply now!

Maring-Hunt Community Garden Market Pavilion and Outdoor Kitchen

The Maring-Hunt Community Garden Market Pavilion and Outdoor Kitchen is a student-driven, design-build project for the Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhood in Muncie, Indiana. A master plan for the garden, its improvement and expansion, and a series of Garden Pavilions were developed as useful spaces to address food insecurity in a USDA-designated food desert, cultivate community interaction and social activity, and provide learning opportunities for the Southview Elementary School students, Maring-Hunt Library patrons, and neighborhood families.

The Maring-Hunt Library Community Garden Master Plan includes a trio of pavilions developed around a large community garden overseen by the Library: the Gardeners’ Pavilion, which provides shade, seating, tool storage, and accessible garden beds, recently completed by Ball State University students in an IL spring and summer semester project; a Market Pavilion to house a community market with an outdoor kitchen and food preparation demonstration area; and a fenced Educational Pavilion and children’s garden. The fall 2017 iteration will focus on the market pavilion and outdoor kitchen.

This greenspace with its pavilions and gardens is being developed as an anchor in the Thomas Park/ Avondale and South Central Neighborhoods, and will turn an eyesore, a dilapidated exercise track and athletic field alongside an active railway line, into an asset motivating children and families to get outdoors and engage in healthy activity together. If interested in being a part of this exciting opportunity to design and build the Market Pavilion, please apply. Students from architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, construction management, NREM, education, sustainability and related disciplines are encouraged to apply.=

For more information, contact Pam Harwood, Department of Architecture. Apply now!

Medical Education Building Programming

In this immersive learning class, students will work with the faculty, staff and students of the Edmund F. Ball Medical Education Building on campus to create a feasibility study and a programming study for their future expansion and renovation. Students will evaluate the existing facilities and research options that will best suit their future needs. Instructors are Janet Fick and Dr. James Jones; TR 3:30pm– 4:45pm.

For more information, contact Janet Fick, Department of Technology. Apply now!

Muncie's Food Report

Produce compelling journalism that captures the stories and issues related to Muncie’s food system. Through a variety of formats and platforms, we will share the people and partnerships working to feed Muncie and explore the circumstances that influence food insecurity and regulation. News journalism, graphic journalism, and all interested students are encouraged to apply for this relevant and meaningful immersive experience. 

For more information, contact Kate Elliott, Department of Journalism. Apply now!

PD3 - Professional Develop, Differentiated, and Digitized. 

We are looking for curious, creative and engaged undergraduates to support technology integration within Muncie Community Schools and within the BSU teacher education program!

The Department of Educational Studies is offering EdSt 299x for the Fall 2017 semester. This 3 credit hour experience is designed for students interested in integrating technology into learning and teaching contexts, and who want to work with Muncie Community Schools.

EdSt 299x students will be part of a revised Professional Development, Differentiated, and Digitized (PD3) immersive learning project, and focus on assisting MCS in the adoption of a new learning management system. Students will also develop support materials for technology integration efforts within Teachers College.

Class meeting times will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00-1:50. Due to the immersive nature of the project, students will have homework that requires them to meet and work with area teachers.

For more information, contact Jon Clausen, Department of Educational Studies. You will also need permission to register. Please contact Erin Williams for registration details.

Team 2 - Reading Intervention at the Youth Opportunity Center

Want an interesting course working with at-risk youth? Working collaboratively with the Youth Opportunity Center (YOC) and other Ball State students from a variety of majors, participants will spend the semester making a real difference in the lives of young people. The project will include small group work, mentoring/engagement, and cutting-edge reading instruction. Applicants to this project must be 21 by the start of the fall semester.

The TEAM 2 project offers authentic experiences for students interested in helping at-risk youth. Participants will do this by implementing a reading intervention program at the YOC. BSU students in this project will study psychological, environmental, and cultural factors that contribute to reading difficulties, and develop skills in applying proven reading strategies. This project may be of special interest to the following majors: sociology, criminal justice, elementary education, special education, psychology, and other helping professions, but all majors are welcome and desired, as varied skill sets are needed for this project. Credit for required coursework has been approved in the following majors (Speech and Language; Educational Psychology, Elementary Education, Social Work, Psychology), and will count as elective hours in most others.

Check out the Facebook page to learn more about the project or this flyer.

For more information, contact Lindsay Rye. Dr. Ruth Jefferson and Dr. Janay Sander are project leaders. Apply now