Facilities Planning and Management

Chemical Management

The Environmental Specialist is the Hazard Communication Administrator under the Ball State University Hazard Communication Program required under the OSHA Hazard Communication (Worker-Right-To-Know) Standard

The Hazard Communication Administrator maintains the written program and provides training and technical materials to the Departmental Administrators who are responsible for implementing the program requirements within their respective Departments or areas.

The EHS Office is also the administrator of the ChemTracker system for inventory and tracking of chemicals and chemical products across the Ball State University campus including laboratories, shops, and other chemical and chemical product storage and use areas.  ChemTracker is a web-based inventory management and reporting system hosted by Stanford University through which Ball State is a Consortium member along with over 30 other colleges and universities. 

The Environmental Specialist also maintains the University Chemical and Biological Spill Prevention and Response Plan and responds to chemical, biological, and other releases or exposures to staff, faculty, students, or visitors. Outside assistance, including the fire department or private spill response firms may be called upon for major release incidents.


BSU Hazardous Communication PowerPoint Presentation
BSU Hazard Communication Program (ilocker pdf)
ChemTracker Chemical Inventory System
OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Quick Guide
Chemical and Biological Spill Prevention and Response Plan
OSHA Hazard Communication