Facilities Planning and Management

Fire and Life Safety

Ensures a fire-safe environment for all Ball State University students, faculty, staff, and guests through various inspection, education, and fire safety resources.  Objectives include: 

  • Compliance with state and local fire safety codes and standards, 
  • Review of plans for new and existing construction, and 
  • Fire extinguisher and building fire suppression systems performance inspections. 

Additionally, training is provided to University staff in

  • Fire extinguisher use 
  • First aid 
  • CPR 

Consultations or evaluations are provided regarding general fire and life safety, emergency action plans, storage and occupancy loads, kitchen fire safety, special events, fire drills, and holiday decorations. 

University employee safety is further addressed through programs covering confined space, hot work, fall protection, lock out/tagout, scaffolding, and other elements necessary for OSHA compliance, as well as the implementation of other university life safety initiatives.