Freshman Connections

Summer Assignments

#1 Discussion Group Preparation Assignment:

You will need to complete these questions as preparation for the book discussion groups on Sunday, August 17, 2014. One or more of these questions may be used to guide your discussion.

1. Log onto the webpage The blog post describes a study that studied the brain during the decision making process. What are the implications of these findings? Is there such thing as free will?

2. What is the Community Transition Program in Indiana? Using evidence from the site, can you determine the success of the program? Discuss the evidence you used to make that determination.

3. On the author’s webpage you can fi nd the “Elevate” blog. What What is the objective of this blog? Describe one story that inspired you.

4. Author Wes Moore states, “Later in life I learned that the way many governors projected the numbers of beds they’d need for prison facilities was by examining the reading scores of third graders.” What do Indiana’s iREAD-3 exam results suggest? nal-iread3-results-indianaschool-corporations/

5. The author will be on campus on September 16th and will present at 7:30pm in Emens Auditorium. What question would you like to ask him?

#2 Common Writing Experience Essay Assignment:

Once you’ve finished reading the book, log on to the Freshman Common Writing Experience Site at ces/FreshmanConnections/WritingExp.aspx to learn more about the essay.

If you have any questions please e-mail us