Healthy Monday


  is part of "The Monday Campaigns" in association with Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and Syracuse University.

September 21 - This week, if you notice symptoms of stress, pause, take a few deep breaths, and consider whether stress could be causing what you're feeling.

September 14 - This week, try walking meetings. Not only are they good exercise, but researchers found people are more creative when they're walking!

September 7 - This week, use commercial breaks to exercise! Try a set of push-ups and sit-ups during one break, then a plank and arm circles during the next break. 

August 24 - This week, try parking further away to get some extra walking in. Ten minutes of walking a day results in more than an hour of exercise a week! 

August 17 - This week, try scheduling your exercise on the calendar. Your appointments to exercise should feel important because they are that important to your health! 

August 10 - Hula-hooping is a fun way to keep fit. If you haven’t tried it in awhile, give it a whirl this week. It’s a great way to burn off calories and tone your tummy.

August 3 - Not into exercise classes with complicated dance moves? Try a spin class instead. Music plays, you pedal, and your legs get a great workout! 

July 27 - This week, explore all the ways you can exercise for free. Not only is fitness free, so are those feel-good endorphins you get from exercising! 

July 20 - This Monday, sign up for a dance class or just put on some music and move. In addition to getting your heart going, it also improves muscle strength, flexibility, and balance!

July 13 - This week, focus your attention on positive things like kindness and gratitude. You'll feel good in the present moment, and you may even change your brain!

July 6 - This week, balance out the innate negative by actively paying attention to what's positive!

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