Monthly Health Message

How to Eat Well When Eating Out

Dining out can be an issue for many people trying to watch what they eat. Restaurants are known to serve large portions that could be two or three times more than the Recommended Daily Values for certain food groups. Do not let this stop you from dining out. Here are some tips that you should follow the next time you go to a restaurant.

1. Start your meal with a salad. Eating a salad with a lot of veggies will help to control your hunger throughout the meal. Also make sure to order your dressing on the side. Most restaurants add way too much salad dressing when the salads are prepared.

2. Choose wise beverage choices. Instead of ordering soda or sweetened iced tea, try to switch to unsweetened iced tea or water. Another bonus is that water is free!

3. If the restaurant has an “all you can eat buffet,” try to order off the menu instead.

4. For the restaurants that serve extreme portions, try to find an entrée or appetizer that you and a friend would like the split. This will save on calories as well as money!

5. When your waiter/waitress serves you your food, ask for a box right away and put some of the food in the box to save for another meal. This way the food is out of your sight and you will not be tempted to finish it.

6. Instead of ordering entrées that are served fried, order ones that are broiled or grilled.

7. Finally, choose fruits for dessert.

Going to restaurants should be a fun and enjoyable experience without temptations of large portions, sugary drinks, and high calorie foods. By using these tips, you will enjoy your dining experience and your body will thank you.

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Monthly Health Message written by Peer Health Educator Kiya Dues