For Freshmen Only

December’s Student Health 101 is now available! 

So why should you read Student Health 101, the BSU online health and wellness magazine at ?  

First, you can enter the December drawing for $1,000 for checking out the December issue.  

Second, there are some great articles in Student Health 101:  

  • Capture your calm- 8 small steps to stress less
  •  Calling all night owls- Making your sleep habits work for you  
  • Find your drive to exercise- Take the quiz  
  • Season's eatings- Healthy twists on holiday dishes 
  • Aftermath & recovery- A student's guide to getting help after an assault  
  • Does your spending need a reality check?- How to budget better  
  • Cheese and _________? What the pairs best with the cheese of your choice? Please share in this week’s poll!  

And much more…   And if you missed it – be sure to check out the November issue, with Does your spending need a reality check?, why working out in groups works, understanding depression and much more at





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