For Freshmen Only

October’s Student Health 101 is now available!

So why should you read Student Health 101, the BSU online health and wellness magazine at

First, you can enter the October drawing for $1,000 for checking out the October issue.

Second, there are some great articles in Student Health 101:

All-in-one workouts- How to build strength, stamina, and flexibility anywhere

The science of choice- Strategies for better health habits

The job prob- Forecasting your future in the job market

The pursuit of perfection- What is the cost of your high standards

Battle of the bars-Is your nutrition bar all health or all hype?

What was your best Halloween costume? Pirate, princess, mummy, other? Please share in this week’s poll!

And much more…

And if you missed it – be sure to check out the September issue, with Sleep study, desirable habits, good mood food and much more at

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