Home Pregnancy Tests

Home pregnancy tests are available over-the-counter at drugstores and offer convenience, privacy, and reliable answers to pregnancy if the test is performed correctly. Some tests claim to detect pregnancy as early as six days after conception; though most recommend you wait at least one day after missing a period before using the test. If the test reads positive, you should make an appointment for a clinical pregnancy test.

Clinical Pregnancy Tests

Health practitioners will perform a blood or urine test, pelvic exam and a breast exam to determine pregnancy. When you go for your first appointment, know the date of your last menstruation, the average length of your cycle, any medications you may have taken in the last month.

Unexpected Pregnancy Options

Unfortunately, an unplanned pregnancy won't go away by itself or with gallons of tears. Once pregnancy has been determined there are three main options available to you. You can continue the pregnancy and keep the baby, continue the pregnancy and place the baby for adoption or you may terminate the pregnancy by means of abortion. There are resources to provide you with information and support during the decision-making process. Just make sure you go to an individual or organization that can provide you with an evenhanded discussion of all of your choices.

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