Everybody's Doing It

Get the Facts!

Ball State students overestimate dangerous drinking habits among other students. In reality, Ball State students party smart.

MythEveryone drinks.

Fact Not true.  In fact, 1 in 5 Ball State students do not use alcohol.  If you choose not to drink, you are definitely not alone.

Myth: Many Ball State students drink excessively... it is just a part of being in college.

Fact: Almost 60% of BSU students choose NOT to binge drink (consume 5 or more drinks in a sitting.) Actually, the majority of BSU students (70%) have between 0-6 drinks when they party.

Myth: Ball State is a “party school.”

Fact: Ball State students party responsibly. 96% of BSU students report using at least one party smart tip (pace drinks, avoid drinking games, eat before and/or during drinking, etc.) the last time they partied or socialized.

Myth: "I only had five beers, brah. I'm cool to drive. Just call me the DDD, designated drunk driver."

Fact: Having five beers in one hour will put a 160 pound male at a .10 BAC which is OVER the legal driving limit. 83% of BSU students always use a designated driver or choose not to drink at all!

Myth: If both people are drunk when they have sex, it can't be rape/sexual assault.

Fact: No one can legally give consent when they are intoxicated. Being drunk isn't an excuse to not get consent. It is the initiator's responsibility to gain consent. Consent for sex must be verbal, mutual, and SOBER. For more information and resources regarding sexual assault, please visit: the Office of Victim Services page.  


Source: American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment II: Ball State University, Spring 2013.

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