Food Recipes

FOOTLONG SUBS                                      VEGGIE DIP       

1 loaf Italian bread                                               1 carton sour cream          

Assorted lunch meats and cheeses                      1 pkg ranch dressing mix          

Lettuce                                                                 Combine. Chill. Serve with fresh vegetables.         


Condiments                                                          TOOTHPICK KEBABS     

Slice bread lengthwise to form the top                 Assorted cheeses, lunch meats, fruits.

and bottom of sandwich. On bottom layer            Cut into small bite-size pieces.

add meats and cheeses. Top with lettuce,            Spear 2-3 items on long toothpick.

tomato, and condiments. Put the top on

and clice for individual sandwiches.



1 pkg milk chocolate chips                                   Two 8oz pkgs cream cheese 

2 tbsp shortening                                                  1 med jar salsa (hot, med, or mild)         

Pretzels                                                                  Let cream cheese come to room         

Melt chocolate chips in double boiler or                temperature. Put in bowl and beat with

microwave. Add shortening and mix well.             mixer or spoon until fluffy.  Serve with

Dip pretzels in chocolate. Place on wax paper       chips or veggies.

or wire racks to dry. Chill and serve.


Food is probably the last thing that you think about when planning a party, but a responsible host will not allow their guests to go hungry and especially drink alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach.


PARTY SMART BSU!          


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