Mocktail Recipes

SAFER SEX ON THE BEACH                           DOMER DELIGHT

32 oz cranberry juice                                                1 1/2 cups strawberry daiquiri mix

32 oz pineapple juice                                                1/2 cup lemonade concentrate

8 oz club soda                                                          1 cup ginger ale

few drops of peach extract                                       1 cup ice


SATIN RED PUNCH                                     ATOMIC APPLE CIDER

4 liters 7-Up                                                           2 parts apple cider

1 qt apple juice                                                       1 part ginger ale

2 p cranberry juice                                                  add whipped cream

                                                                               Sprinkle cinnamon on top



3 cups cranberry juice

2 tbs lemon juice or orange juice

16 oz ginger ale

Mix together and garnish with fresh

orange and lime slices. Add ice.

These are just a few of the numberous types of alternative drinks you can serve at your next soiree.  Keeping in mind that not everyone at your party will be into drinking alcohol.  Having these types of drinks available will show your guests you are a responsible host.


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