Party Time


*Keep your drink cup with you at all times.  If for some reason you happen to lost sight of your cup (even for a couple of seconds), get a new one.  Club drugs are easy to slip into a drink.

*Keep track of how many drinks you've had.

*Know your limits.  If you are going to drink, have a friend be sure that you aren't over-indulging yourself.

*Realize that it is okay to say no thanks if someone offers you a drink.

*Remember to eat a meal before going out and while and while you are out, especially if you are planning on drinking.

*Respect the party throwers' rules and requests.  Nothing is more embarrassing than being kicked out of a party for not being able to follow the rules.

*If you are drinking, alternate alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.  You won't get drunk as quickly if you do this.

*Don't make drinking the focus of your having a good time at the party.  there are many more fun and interesting things to focus on than drinking and alcohol.

*Use the Buddy System.  Nothing is better than having a trusted friend have your back in a party situation.  Whether it is to monitor your drink intake or keep you from flirting or hooking up with someone they know you will regret outside of the party situation, your buddy can get you out of some sticky situations.

*Turst your instincts.  If you start feeling extremely drunk and you know that you shouldn't, turn to your buddy and get out of the party.


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