Peer Health Educators

Health Education offers a Peer Health Educator program that focuses on healthy lifestyle management for college students. This is a "student-educating-students" program that relates to areas of alcohol, drugs, smoking prevention and cessation, nutrition, sexual health, stress management and other topics related to health and wellness. The methods of presentation are interactive.

Peer Health Educators (PHEs) gain valuable experience by designing, coordinating, and conducting a variety of health education programs for other university students. Students from any department are welcome to participate in the program. PHEs must submit a written application, attend a personal interview, and maintain a 2.5 GPA.

Mission Statement

Peer Health Educators strive to promote healthy lifestyle management by raising awareness and knowledge through outreach programs and role modeling. Peer Health Education is concerned with providing students with factual information that will allow them to make informed decisions about their personal health and safety. Our primary goal is to develop fun, creative, interactive, and educational programs that reach the entire BSU community.

PHE Programs:                                          
PHEs present health promotion programs to campus groups such as residence halls, student organizations, academic classes, fraternities, and sororities.  If you wish to request a presentation, you can fill out the online form. For more information please call 765-285-3775.

PHEs also man campus-wide awareness events such as Alcohol Awareness Week, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Welloween, Great American Smokeout, Sexual Responsibility Week, Spring Break Safety, and Stress Relief Week. 

A one-credit course designed to train students as Peer Health Educators (PHEs) is offered through the Department of Physiology & Health Science in the Fall semester. The course is taught by Health Education personnel. Training covers topics such as confidentiality & ethics, communication & listening skills, and specific skills training in areas of public speaking and group facilitation.

To Apply:
If you are interested in being a Peer Health Educator you can apply online. If you wish to request a presentation, you can fill out the online form. For more information please call 765-285-3775.


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