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The Excellence in Service Award recognizes an employee who demonstrates the University's Roll Out the Red principles by delivering excellent, high quality customer service that exceeds the expectations of our internal and/or external customers.

Criteria:   Meet Roll Out the Red principles.  

  • Simplify: Make a process or form easier-to-understand by revising processes or rewriting information in print or online. Examples: Identify ways to reduce the number of steps to streamline a process; Revise a written or online form to streamline it; Rewrite instructions to make more readable and easier-to-follow. 
  • Own: Take direct responsibility for resolving a situation to the satisfaction of a customer and not creating a “bounce” to another person or office. Examples: Identify ways to eliminate the “Ball State Bounce”;  Create operating instructions that include taking a person to the correct office if it is nearby; Teaching new employees (regular and student employees) how to correctly transfer a caller to the correct office by staying on the line. 
  • Show You Care: During each interaction show empathy and ask clarifying questions to establish an understanding with the customer, then take appropriate steps to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of the customer. Examples: Using listening skills to identify the customer’s problem and resolving it to the person’s satisfaction; Feedback from customers confirms the person felt cared-for and treated well as a person, not a number; Department receives emails or thank-you notes from satisfied customers.

Recognition Selection Process

The Excellence in Service Award Nomination Form