Informal recognition can be used every day/week/month to acknowledge the contributions of our employees, teams and/or departments within Business Affairs. In other words, for the greatest effect, informal recognition should be an integral part of the way we do business each day at the University.

Many of these recognition ideas have little to no cost but yet can be highly effective in creating an environment in which employees feel valued and appreciated for their accomplishments and performance. These are the five elements to recognition.

1. Recognition at the Department Level: Each Business Affairs unit will be encouraged to develop informal ways/initiatives to recognize the accomplishments of their employees and increase and maintain employee morale. Special training sessions will provide managers and supervisors with various tools to help them promote a recognition culture within their respective units.

2. Peer-to-Peer Recognition: A “GREAT JOB - THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!” e-card designed especially for the Business Affairs Employee Recognition Program are available in two formats, 1) A “THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!” e-card or 2) in hard copy format available by contacting Marta Stephens. These cards are made available to all Business Affairs employees to encourage them to provide immediate feedback and recognition to another employee for excellent service i.e. for completion of a project, task and/or service provided to another employee, unit, vendor, student or parent. 

3. Share Recognition Stories: The sharing of recognition stories online through the Business Affairs Message Board is critically important in order to promote, build and sustain a vibrant culture of employee recognition within Business Affairs. Employees have the option to share their e-card comment or success stories to the Message Board on this site by forwarding your request to Marta Stephens  or to post the cards and success stories on departmental bulletin boards. 

4. Business Affairs Social Events: The Office of the VP of Business Affairs and Treasurer will sponsor at least one (1) social event for the entire division during the calendar year such as an ice cream social, summer picnic, holiday employee gathering and/or a Ball State football tailgating event.

5. Business Affairs Employee Conversations with the Vice President: Each quarter, the Vice President of Business Affairs and Treasurer (VPBA) will hold an event to provide additional opportunities to meet and engage with professional, staff and service employees of Business Affairs.   

Business Affairs News

The sharing of recognition stories is critically important in order to promote, build, and sustain a vibrant culture of employee recognition within Business Affairs. 

The Business Affairs News newsletter allows us to highlight employees’ news, achievements, and accomplishments earned throughout the year in the  such as:

  • New Hires within Business Affairs 
  • Promotions and/or transfers to other departments within Business Affairs   
  • Years of service with anniversary date   
  • Business Affairs Retirees   
  • Earned Degree   
  • Earned Certification    
  • Presentation(s) conducted at another university/organization as a representative of BSU   
  • Success of Key Project(s)