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 "The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated." - 19th century American Philosopher, William James.

This principle is just as true today. Sometimes, the need to produce or get a project done causes us to overlook the key individuals who made it happen.

Who has recently made it happen for you or your department? Take a moment to let him or her know his or her efforts are appreciated.


1. Open PowerPoint File (one click of the mouse). 

2. Save the file to your desktop.

3. Click on "Enable Editing."

4. Scroll to the second slide.

5. Type a personalized note in the first  text box.

6. Save your work as a "PowerPoint Presentation" first so you can review your work for future edits.

7. When you are satisfied with your message, save it as a "PowerPoint Show" and then close the file.

8. Attach your e-card to an e-mail to the recipient and send.