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Military Service Benefits Leave

A leave of absence without pay of up to 10 working days will be granted to the spouse, parent (defined as biological father or mother, adoptive father or mother, or a court appointed guardian or custodian), grandparent (defined as biological grandparent), or sibling (defined as brother or sister by blood, half blood or adoption) of a person ordered to active duty in the United States armed forces or the National Guard. The employee must have been employed by Ball State University for at least 12 months and have worked at least 1,500 hours during the 12-month period immediately preceding the day the leave begins. The employee is expected to provide written notice and a copy of the active duty orders if available before taking the leave. The employee may take the leave of absence during one or more of the following periods: 1) during the 30 days before active duty orders are in effect; 2) during a period in which the person ordered to active duty is on leave while active duty orders are in effect; 3) during the 30 days after the active duty orders are terminated. An employee taking such leave is to be restored to the position the employee held before the leave or to an equivalent position. Also, the employee may continue the employee's health care benefits with the university continuing to pay 75% of the premium contribution. An employee may be eligible for child care assistance from the Indiana Military Family Relief Fund.

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