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University Meritorious Service Award Nominations

Call for University Meritorious Service Award Recipient Nominations

The University Meritorious Service Award was initiated by Business Affairs in 1986 to recognize excellence among staff personnel. Since then, each year university officers have presented University Meritorious Service Awards to one employee within their respective areas who are ushered into an exclusive group of achievers.

The recipient must be one who consistently demonstrates excellence above and beyond the requirements of his or her responsibilities to the university. Award recipients exemplify quality and bring distinction to their individual departments as well as to Ball State University.

Criteria: Eligible staff employees must:

  1. be a regular full-time non-exempt or exempt employee who has been working at the university continuously for the last five years.
  2. show evidence of superior job performance, dedication to the job, and loyalty to the university as provided by the employee's supervisor.
  3. show evidence of continued personal growth through education/training or public/ professional involvement as provided by the employee's supervisor or outside sources.

It is the responsibility of the nominator to solicit a minimum three letters of support for the candidate. Specific examples of criteria listed in numbers 2 and 3 above should be included in the letters. Letters of support should be sent to the university officer responsible for the area in which the candidate is employed.

University employees are encouraged to submit letters to their administrative head in support of co-workers who meet the above criteria. Please contact the secretary of the appropriate administrative head for deadline information.

The names of the winners of the University Meritorious Service Award are kept in complete confidence until the evening of the Staff Recognition and Retirement Award Program.

Nominators are responsible for purchasing the recipient's dinner ticket and ensuring the award winner is present in Assembly Hall (Alumni Center) to receive his or her award. SeeĀ Important Dates for ticket and seating reservation information.

The Staff Recognition and Retirement Award Program is held at 6:30 P.M. each year in April, in Assembly Hall at the Alumni Center. For information contact Marta Stephens, University Human Resource Services at Marta Stephens.