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Requesting a Job Audit

An employee who has been working in his or her respective position for at least six months and who feels the position's responsibilities have significantly changed from when he or she started in the position may request a job audit. An employee who has been working in his or her respective position for more than five years since the position was last audited or the job description verified by the supervisor with University Human Resource Services (UHRS) may also request an audit of his/her position.

1. The request for an audit of a Classified Staff Personnel position may be made by completing a Request for Review of Position Classification form (HR-17) (PDF). This form is available in the HR Forms section of this web site. The form must be completed with the signatures of all required levels of supervision and then sent to UHRS.

2. When the form is received in UHRS, a Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) will be e-mailed to the first level supervisor of the employee whose position is being audited. The supervisor will give the PAQ to the employee and go over with the employee the audit instructions received in campus mail from UHRS. When the employee has completed his/her portion of the PAQ, additional comments and signatures must be obtained from each level of supervision through the Vice President for the area. The completed PAQ is then returned to UHRS.

3. Upon receipt of the completed PAQ, the HR Representative for the area will contact the employee and his or her first level supervisor to schedule a time to conduct an on-site job audit interview.

After the interview is completed, it will usually take approximately four weeks before the result of the audit is communicated back to the supervisor and the employee. An audit may result in any of the following: no change in grade or title; a title change; a change in exemption status; an upgrade; or a downgrade.

More information about compensation for Classified Staff Personnel may be obtained from the on-line training module entitled Classification of Staff Positions, provided by Learning and Development.

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