What happens to my credentials after they are submitted?

All credentials received before the deadline for a staff position are logged into a database and retained in a folder at the reception desk in UHRS until the deadline.

What happens to my credentials after the deadline for a position?

The day following the deadline all credentials received by the deadline are given to the Human Resources Representative responsible for that position.  The HR Rep conducts a review of all credentials to make certain that all the required materials have been submitted and that each person meets minimum qualifications. The credentials of all individuals that meet both these criteria are then delivered to the hiring supervisor normally by the next business day following the deadline. 

How do I know if my credentials were given to the hiring supervisor?

If you have submitted all of the required materials and from your credentials it is determined that you meet the minimum qualifications, you are included in the pool of applicants whose credentials are delivered to the hiring supervisor.  So, it is very important that you submit all the required materials.  It is also important that you clearly indicate on those materials how you meet the minimum qualifications.

How do I get an interview?

The hiring supervisor after reviewing all the credentials in the applicant pool may select several individuals for telephone interviews or a few individuals for personal interviews.  You may improve your chances of an interview if you carefully proofread all of your materials to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors.  Also, specifically tailoring your cover letter to the position for which you are applying, and indicating in that letter what special skills and abilities you could bring to the position are two ways of emphasizing your interest in that position.  If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted directly by either the hiring supervisor or the HR Representative.

What can I expect from an interview?

The hiring supervisor may select several individuals from the department to talk with you or may choose to just interview you himself/herself. Be prepared to talk about your job history and the skills you could bring to the position. You might want to review the job description that is posted on the web prior to your interview, so you would be familiar with what was expected.  Be sure to ask questions about anything you want clarified, and remember you have a limited amount of time to convince the hiring supervisor that you would be the best person to hire.  

Where do I park when I come to campus?

There are parking meters in various locations on campus and three parking garages where visitors to campus can pay to park.  See map for location of parking garages.  If you are dropping off credentials at University Human Resource Services, meters are located behind the Administration Building and on University Avenue in front of the building.  PLEASE be sure to put enough money in the meter to cover the time you will be on campus.  Tickets are given for cars parked at expired meters.

How long does the staff hiring process take? 

It varies with each position, but it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or longer following the deadline before an offer is made.  If you are the successful candidate, the HR Representative will call you to make the offer.

Do I need to submit a set of credentials for each staff position for which I apply?

Yes, you do.  As a public institution we must keep a separate search file for each position we advertise.  This file must be available for audit by the appropriate oversight agencies, and contain original submission materials from each applicant for that position in order for us to be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Can I tell from the web if a staff position has been filled or if I can still submit credentials for a position?

Yes, you can.  Vacant staff positions are listed at www.bsu.edu/hrs/jobpostings/staff .  The status of each position is shown in the far right column. If the current date is before the deadline date shown in that column, you may submit your credentials according to the submission instructions.  If it says “closed” in that column, you may no longer submit credentials for that position.  If that column indicates “filled,” then an offer has been made and accepted by the successful candidate for that position.    

Are there other things I can do to improve my chances of being hired as a staff employee at Ball State?

Be sure you submit all the required materials and carefully proofread those materials. Customize your cover letter for the position. Prepare for your interview by reviewing the job description and the relevance of your work history to the listed duties and responsibilities. The professional references you list on your resume should be individuals who can provide information about your work history and experience. Talk with the individuals you list as references to make sure they are willing to talk with a hiring supervisor about you and that their contact information is current.

If hired as an employee at Ball State, why must I be verified for employment?

As per the Department of Homeland Security all new employees (both citizen and noncitizen) must complete a Form I-9 no later than the actual beginning of employment to indicate that they are authorized to work in the United States.  At that time the individual must present documents that establish identity and employment authorization.  An example of a document that both establishes identity and employment authorization is a U.S. Passport.  Some examples of documents that establish identity are a driver’s license issued by a state; an ID card issued by federal, state or local government agencies; a school ID card with a photo.  Some examples of documents that establish employment authorization are a social security card or a birth certificate.  This verification process is completed at UHRS in Room 350 of the Administration Building. The university also participates in e-verify.