Learning and Development

Learning and Development FAQs

Q. Who may attend Learning and Development (L&D) sessions?
A. L&D sessions focus on subjects of interest to professional and staff employees; however, all BSU employees and students. including graduate students, are welcome to register and attend.

Q. How many L&D sessions may I attend during a year?
A. The Office of Learning and Development has no restrictions on the number of sessions an individual may attend.

Q. What is the cost to an employee to attend L&D sessions?
A. BSU employees and students may attend L&D sessions free of charge.

Q. Who are the presenters for L&D sessions?
A. The majority of L&D sessions are presented by professional training consultants. A number of sessions are also presented by Ball State University staff members and faculty. Short biographies can be viewed at Our Presenters.

Q. How do I register for L&D sessions?
A. Online registration is encouraged. You can also register by e-mailing Susan Schlensker or Jerry Winans. Another method is to call the Office of Learning and Development at 765-285-1819.

Q. How do I cancel my registration for a session?
A. This can also be done online. You can also cancel by e-mailing Susan Schlensker or Jerry Winans. Or, you may phone the Office of Learning and Development at 765-285-1819. Please cancel as early as possible. If a session has insufficient registrations, L&D will cancel the session and notify registered employees.

Q. How do I obtain a listing of all sessions I attended during a calendar year?
A. This can also be done online. Click on "Registration History" for a list of sessions you registered to attend or "Comprehensive Training Registry" to view and print a personalized list of sessions you actually attended.

Q. What are CEUs? I understand that some of the Learning and Development sessions award them.
A. CEUs are Continuing Education Units. CEUs are approved and awarded by the School of Extended Education. Each year the Director of Learning and Development nominates selected training courses for this recognition based on the subject matter, presenters, etc. One CEU represents ten contact hours. For example, 1.5 CEUs represent 15 hours of formal learning.