Learning and Development

Learning and Development FAQs

Q. Who may attend Learning and Development (L&D) sessions?
A. L&D sessions focus on subjects of interest to professional and staff employees; however, all BSU employees and students. including graduate students, are welcome to register and attend.

Q. How many L&D sessions may I attend during a year?
A. The Learning and Development office has no restrictions on the number of sessions an individual may attend.

Q. What is the cost to an employee to attend L&D sessions?
A. BSU employees and students may attend L&D sessions free of charge.

Q. Who are the presenters for L&D sessions?
A. The majority of L&D sessions are presented by professional trainers or well-qualified Ball State University employees. 

Q. How do I register for L&D sessions?
A. Online registration is encouraged. You can also register by e-mailing Jerry Winans or calling the Learning and Development office at 765-285-1819.

Q. How do I cancel my registration for a session?
A. This can also be done online. You can also cancel by e-mailing Jerry Winans. Or, you may phone the Learning and Development office at 765-285-1819. Please cancel as early as possible. If a session has fewer than 10 registrations, L&D will cancel the session and notify registered employees.

Q. How do I obtain a listing of all sessions I attended during a calendar year?
A. This can also be done online. Click on "Registration History" for a list of sessions you registered to attend or "Comprehensive Training Registry" to view and print a personalized list of sessions you attended.