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Learning and Development

Professional Enhancement Program (PEP) in Information Processing

The Professional Enhancement Program (PEP) was established in 1995 to provide professional clerical development opportunities for credit at Ball State University. The PEP certificate program requires 12 semester hours of BSU course work offered by the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management in the Miller College of Business. 

Why Enroll in PEP?

The PEP an opportunity to upgrade and master information processing skills to enhance current job performance and access additional employment opportunities.

Requirements to Gain Admission as a BSU Student

You are eligible to apply if you have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. and have not been enrolled in a secondary school for at least two years. Start by obtaining a "Non-Degree Application" from the Office of Admissions, then complete and submit the application to the Office of Admissions. (Non-Degree student admission is typically for students who have never been enrolled in college or a post secondary institution.)

Employees currently enrolled who have been admitted as regular students are also eligible for this program. Participants in PEP have four years from enrollment into the first course to complete the program.

Required Courses

ISOM 112 OR ISOM 125 (These courses must be taken first.)

ISOM 112 (3 hours) Document Processing

Development of document processing skills, emphasizing speed, accuracy, communication and language arts skills, and efficiency in processing of information with information processing software. Prerequisite: entry-level proficiency of 35 gross words a minute; basic formatting knowledge and skill.

ISOM 125 (3 hours) Microcomputer Applications for Business

Provides skill development using computer-based end user software to solve business problems with word processing, presentation graphics, spreadsheets, and basic database management. Emphasis on learning basics of operating systems and application software packages.

ISOM 135 OR ISOM 313

ISOM 135 (3 hours) Business Information Systems

Introduction to various concepts and techniques of information systems with application to solving managerial problems with emphasis on their scope, use, and evaluation. Topics covered include business systems and information flow, application of computer-based information systems, managerial decision-making processes, and mutual influence of organizations and information systems. Prerequisite: proficiency test required or ISOM 125.

ISOM 313 (3 hours) Databases and Information Resource Management

Management of information resources: knowledge, techniques, and skills involved in planning, controlling, organizing, selecting, and retaining information resources in business, industry and government. Includes database and information resource management theory and hands-on computer application exercises using database management software. Prerequisite: ISOM 125 or proficiency test or CS 104 or permission of the department chairperson.

ISOM 226 OR ISOM 228

ISOM 226 (3 hours ) Business Systems Application Development

Introduction to the concept of creating business information systems using case studies with application software to provide information needed to resolve business problems. Emphasis on critical thinking and understanding how problems are recognized, analyzed, designed, and created using rapid systems development methods. Prerequisite: ISOM 135.

ISOM 228 (3 hours) Advanced Microcomputer Applications for Business

Designing, developing, documenting, and maintaining a small business sized database. Emphasis on creating business databases, ensuring data validity, and creating user friendly forms, reports, queries, and interfaces using state of art application software. Prerequisite: ISOM 125 or permission of the department chairperson.

ISOM 340 OR ISOM 341

ISOM 340 (3 hours) Multimedia and Web Publishing for Business

Organize, develop, and produce business information for distribution via print, Internet, and digital formats. Emphasis on developing and applying original multimedia elements, including sound, graphics, animation, and video. Hands-on use of state of art Web publishing tools and techniques will be utilized for business applications. Prerequisite: ISOM 125.

ISOM 341 (3 hours) Business and Managerial Communications

Theories and techniques used in business and managerial communications for internal and external audiences. Emphasizes theories and practices through planning, audience analysis, data collection, media selection, and document preparation for oral and written presentations, and communication through letters, memos, and short reports. Prerequisite: None.

Course Fees

Use of the Ball State University Fee Remission Program (free tuition) is available for eligible BSU employees for these undergraduate classes.

Program Administration

This program is administered by the Office of Learning and Development.

Certificate of Achievement

Upon completion of the program, apply for your Certificate of Achievement by emailing the Associate Director of Human Resources, Learning and Development, in University Human Resource Services, AD 350, or by phoning 765-285-1819.

Learning and Development
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