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Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse in the Workplace ... It Affects Everyone

Effects of Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Individuals who have a dependency on alcohol or controlled substances adversely affect their lives as well as the lives of other people who live and work with them. Taking steps to help yourself or another employee with a dependency subsequently helps to balance the work distribution and improve the level of stress and morale of others in the work unit.


Because when an employee has an abusive alcohol or controlled substance problem, he or she may:

  • be less productive
  • have more work absences
  • be more likely to injure him or herself or someone else
  • be more likely to file worker's compensation claims
  • be more likely to steal from employer and/or co-workers
  • be a cause of low morale among workers
  • be cause for an increase in a co-worker's work load
  • be cause for an increase in insurance rates.

Abusers of alcohol or controlled substances tend to:

  • have a greater number of accidents on the job
  • have frequent absences or are late to work
  • make frequent mistakes that require additional work to correct
  • have mood swings and display uncharacteristic behavior (moodiness, giddiness, violent, threatening, etc.)
  • be obsessed with drugs and/or alcohol and try to get others to participate.

If you or someone you care about has an alcohol or controlled substance abuse dependency, contact WorkLife Programs, 285-1187 to arrange for a free consultation with the university's Counseling Center.