Dear Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Admin Coordinators:

As summer is almost upon us, many of you are sending through Employment Requisitions to fill part-time and/or temporary summer positions. As you will recollect, in the email you received from Dr. Randall Howard on December 3, 2013 regarding Ball State’s guidelines to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), most part-time and/or temporary positions are now limited to working a maximum of 29 hours per week.  As a reminder, the main points of Vice President Howard’s December 3, 2013 email are summarized below:

Contract Semester Faculty:  Contract semester faculty members (those who have employment contracts on a semester-by-semester basis) remain ineligible for benefits and are eligible to teach a maximum of 9 credit hours per semester based upon a reasonable method formula where 1 credit hour equals 3 hours of service.  In the past, there was no maximum credit hour load. These faculty members may not be given additional or secondary assignments without prior approval from the Provost.  Such assignments will not exceed 2 hours per week.  In addition, Rapid Growth Instructors will use a reasonable method formula where 1 credit hour equals 6 hours of service so they are eligible to teach a maximum of 4 credit hours per 8 week rapid growth session.

Non-Exempt Part-Time Staff and Service Employees: Part-time staff and service positions will be limited to working an average of 29 hours per week.

Temporary Employees: Temporary employees will be limited to working 29 hours per week.

Graduate, Doctoral Assistants and Assistant Hall Directors: Regardless of whether the graduate or doctoral assistant is assigned a 10- or 20-hours per week assistantship, graduate and doctoral assistants will be limited to working no more than 9 additional hours per week in an approved second job on campus.  Depending upon the type of assistantship, the total maximum hours that can be worked during an academic year will be 29 hours per week.  Assistant hall directors will be limited to work an average of 29 hours per week.  If a graduate assistant works 20 hours or less during the academic year, he/she may work 40 hours during the winter, spring, and summer breaks.

Student Employees: Student employees will continue to be limited to working 20 hours per week or less during an academic year and up to 40 hours during the spring, winter, and summer breaks.

In rare cases, because of the nature of their work, exceptions to these guidelines may be needed.  In these cases, University Human Resource Services and/or Employee Relations will work with the affected department on a case-by-case basis.  In addition, these guidelines maybe subject to change and will be further refined as additional regulations and guidance are becomes available.

** New Process to Make a Request to Fill Part-Time and/or Temporary Positions**

To expedite the processing of your Employment Requisitions, please include written acknowledgement on the Employment Requisition that the part-time and/or temporary position being requested will be limited to 29 hours or less in order to comply with the University’s PPACA guidelines.  

If you have sought and obtained an exception from University Human Resource Services or Employee Relations to the 29 hour limitation, please reflect that on the Employment Requisition as well and attach any supporting documentation that the exception has been approved.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of Employee Requisitions, please feel free to contact your Human Resources Representative for assistance.


Marie Y. Williams

Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Administrative Services