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Ages and Stages

An important part of parenting is understanding the difference between age-appropriate behavior and misbehavior. Once we understand that certain behavior patterns are characteristic of the child's age, we are better equipped to respond appropriately.

  • 4 months--Smiles, coos, eats and sleeps well, equilibrium.
  • 7 months--Sits, grasps objects, extremely social individual.
  • 10 months--Creeps, stands, understands, and imitates words.
  • 12 months--Serene, self-confident, and friendly; starts to walk.
  • 15 months--Dart and dash and fling; active and curious, easily distracted and entertained, some language.
  • 18 months--Walks down a one-way street opposite to what adults ask; boundless energy, wants everything now.
  • 24 months--A brief breathing space; affectionate, well-balanced.
  • 2-1/2 years--A peak age of disequilibrium; rigid and inflexible, domineering and demanding, violent emotions.
  • 3 years--Cooperative, easygoing attitude; increased motor and language ability, able to make friends and share.
  • 3-1/2 years--Marked insecurity, disequilibrium, uncoordinated; crying, whining, stumbling, stuttering, demanding.
  • 4 years--Out of bounds; hits, kicks, loves to use profanity, defiance, silliness, tall tales, needs to test himself.
  • 4-1/2 years--"Is it real?" reality vs. imagination; great discussers; play is less wild, can accept frustration.
  • 5 years--Extreme and delightful equilibrium; stable, secure.
  • 6 years--Extremely difficult to deal with; rigid, demanding, brash, aggressive, self-centered, negative towards others.
  • 7 years--Morose, mopey, and moody; calm, withdrawn, feels "picked on"; likes to draw, read, watch TV, be alone.
  • 8 years--Expansive and speedy; busy, active, interested in world; may overestimate own ability and over dramatize emotions.
  • 9 years--More self-contained and self-sufficient; friends are more important than family; tends to worry, rebel, complains.
  • 10 years--Predictable, comfortable equilibrium; obedient, nice, friendly, loves parents, pleased with self and world.


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