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2014 Seminar

2014 Inclusive Pedagogy Seminar

"The seminar has been very affirming, and has enriched my understanding that inclusive pedagogy can be employed regardless of content area. I walk away with many new tools, and recommitted to transformative teaching.” - 2014 participant.

Seminar Overview

The aim of the seminar is to assist teaching faculty in the creation of more inclusive and excellent pedagogy. The seminar is four two-hour meetings over eight days with “homework” between each meeting. Each participant produces a plan regarding an innovation s/he will implement during the subsequent academic year.

Session 1

Diversity Theory

  • Multiple intersecting cultural axes of privilege/Discontinuous unity of oppressions
  • EXERCISE: Diversity axes 
  • Diversity as bodies and stories

Session 2

Diversity in the Classroom

  • Imperviousness/vulnerability
  • Distribution of cognitive authority
  • Self-identification vs. Identification from others
  • Access/Universal design

Session 3

Learning Theory

  • Integrated course design, the role of learning objectives in pedagogical choice-making
  • Controlled failure
  • Formative feedback
  • Deliberative practice
  • Intrinsic rewards
  • EXERCISE: Gerunds

Session 4

  • Present initial idea to colleagues, give and receive feedback

Seminar Participants and Materials

Seminar Leader:
David Concepción, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Professor

Sunaina Asher, Intensive English Institute, Graduate Student
Daniel Cole, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Instructor - Materials
Jeff Frawley, English, Assistant Professor - Materials
Elmar Hashimo, English, Graduate Student - Materials
Jagdish Khubchandi, Physiology and Health Science, Assistant Professor - Materials
Amanda Latz, Educational Studies, Assistant Professor - Materials
Nicholas Lee, Counseling Psychology, Graduate Student - Materials
Kazumi Matsumoto, Modern Languages, Assistant Professor - Materials
Ivelise Mendez-Perez, Modern Languages, Instructor - Materials
Robin Phelps-Ward, Educational Studies, Graduate Student - Materials
Dorshele Stewart, History, Assistant Professor - Materials
Sheryl Swingley, Journalism, Instructor
Mary Lou Vercellotti, English, Assistant Professor
Eva Zygmunt, Elementary Education, Associate Professor - Materials