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Directed by Robin Phelps

The mentoring program matches undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented ethnic and racial backgrounds with faculty, professional staff, community professionals and distinguished alumni associated with Ball State University. Through a matching process and relationships established through this program, students will have a heightened awareness for the opportunities that lie beyond the first degree and support for the process of pursuing higher academic goals and resources. The ultimate goal of the program is to encourage students to pursuit doctoral studies outside of Ball State University to potentially and ultimately return to work and teach as a faculty member. By meeting with a mentor on a consistent basis, interacting with other protégés and participating in a set of University-sponsored events, the mentoring program will help protégés gain knowledge and establish networks beyond the scope of Ball State University in order to build crucial relationships for establishing a successful career. Click here to learn more about the Ph.D. Pathways Program

Black Alumni Constituents Society

Ball State offers programs and courses designed around the culture of diversity. Involvement in student organizations also provides preparation for interaction within a diverse society.

Admissions Office

You know that feeling when everything just feels right—the academics, the campus, the people. For Ball State students, that feeling goes something like this...

Multicultural Center

What do you get when you combine people with different backgrounds, ideas, and talents? At Ball State, it’s the Multicultural Center, a place where appreciating and promoting cultural diversity is our goal.

Rinker Center for International Programs

Learn more about the world and yourself through the Rinker Center for International Programs—Ball State’s resource for international study and activities. With the support and engagement of faculty, students, and the local community, we at the Rinker Center are at the heart of Ball State’s commitment to international teaching and learning

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Two of the biggest questions families often have about college are “How much does it cost?” and “How will we pay for it?”

You have come to the right place to get your questions answered.

Student Organizations/Pride Guide

Finding a student organization to get involved with has never been easier! You can now take advantage of an enhanced Pride Guide with listings of recognized student organizations. The student organizations are categorized by type, department, or alphabetical listing, and you can easily navigate from organization to organization. In addition to organization descriptions, you can now find out more details about an organization including membership size, special programs or activities, current Web site, and organization contact information. Check out the Pride Guide to start your search!