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Ball State University
Diversity Committee 2014-2015


Executive Committee:

  • Courtney Jarrett, The Office of Disability Services, Chair
  • Jennifer Metzler, Biology, Assistant Chair
  • Charlene Alexander, Associate Provost for Diversity (ex officio)
  • Thalia Mulvihill, Educational Studies, Past Chair


  • Bradley Benson, Finance and Insurance
  • Michael Burayidi, Urban Planning
  • John Emert, Honors College
  • Marcy Meyer, Communications Studies
  • Natalie Phillips, Art Sheila Smith, Information Systems and Operations Management
  • He Wang, School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science


  • Diane Drake, University Human Resource Services
  • Thomas Gibson, Student Affairs
  • Carolyn Kapinus, Graduate School
  • Terry King, Provost (ex officio)/Jacquelyn Buckrop, designee
  • Chris Munchel, Office of Admissions/Charles Haynes – alternate
  • Ro Anne Royer-Engle, Multicultural Center
  • Wen Qi, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

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