Payroll and Employee Benifits

Alternate Pension Plan

  • Eligibility: Tenured and Contract Faculty/Professional employees who qualify for benefits per Appendix I of the Faculty and Professional Employee Handbook (PDF).
  • Benefit Amount: If hired prior to September 30, 2010, the University contributes 12.27% of wages to company of your choice
  • If hired after September 30, 2010, the contribution is 5% for the first three years; 10.5% thereafter
  • Vesting: None required, employees are immediately vested
  • Enrollment
    • Within 60 calendars days of qualifying assignment date

    You must first choose your investment vendor and open an account, and then provide PEB with your APP Election Form.

    Companies Available and Investment Fund Options



      • ING
      • Fidelity - Enrollment Application is available under Related Links 
      • Lincoln - Application must be taken with Lincoln representative (contact PEB for details if interested) 
      • TIAA-CREF - Open an Account with TIAA online; just click on link to begin
      • APP Investment Fund Options (PDF) 

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