Payroll and Employee Benifits

Flex Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) provide an IRS-approved tax savings program for medical and dependent care expenses which you would normally pay out of pocket using your after-tax income. This is a voluntary benefit offered by Ball State University, and you must re-enroll each Plan Year you wish to participate.

You elect an annual amount to contribute to the Medical ($2,500 maximum) or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts ($5,000 maximum). This amount is divided by the number of pay periods for each employee classification, and this pre-tax amount will be deducted from each pay during the year.


  • Bi-Weekly Staff/Service employees have their premiums deducted from their check each pay period.
  • Bi-Weekly Staff/Service 9-Month employees will have their premiums deducted from each of their regular (not including summer) pay periods.
  • Exempt/Faculty/Professional Fiscal Year employees have monthly premiums deducted from each monthly check.
  • Tenured and Contract Faculty/Professional Academic Year employees have monthly premiums deducted from each regular monthly check from August through May. First-year Faculty/Professional Academic Year employees will have premiums deducted over 9 pays, beginning September and running through May.

To check eligible expenses, go to: FSA Eligible Expenses (PDF).