Payroll and Employee Benifits

Short Term Disability - Service Staff Only

The purpose of the Short-Term Disability Plan (STDP) is to help protect an employee from loss of income when he/she suffers from a serious illness or injury.  Beginning on the 8th continuous calendar day of disability due to an employee's own personal illness or injury, STDP may be applicable.  STDP may continue for up to 26 continuous weeks if the absence is properly supported by medical verification to the satisfaction of the plan administrator (our insurer).  Once the first STDP check is issued, an employee may not continue to receive pay from his/her PTO or IPB during that period of disability.

When an employee is eligible to receive benefits under the plan, he/she must submit a claim to the plan administrator.  The Hartford is the plan administrator; their phone number is 1-800-741-4306.  When you call to file your claim, please reference Policy # 697019.

When you call The Hartford will ask you to provide:

  • Name, address, policy number, and other key identification information.
  • Name of your department and last day of active full-time work.
  • Your manager's or HR representative's name and phone number.
  • The nature of your claim.
  • Your treating physician's name, address, and phone and fax numbers.

Claims may be filed beginning with the first day of absence but no later than 90 days after the date of loss for which the claim is made.

The weekly benefit is equal to 80% of 103% of the employee's hourly rate, times 40.  An employee who returns to work mid-week will have his/her weekly benefits prorated for that week.  The plan administrator will mail checks directly to the employee's home address.

Coverage is effective the first of the month following satisfactory completion of an employee's probationary period.

STDP is the method by which an employee is compensated and is not of itself an excused leave of absence from work.  An employee should also apply for the appropriate leave of absence with University Human Resource Services.