Payroll and Employee Benifits

Flex Spending Plans

  1. Do I have to be a member of the Ball State University Health Care Plans to use this benefit?
    No, this plan will work with the Ball State University Health Care Plan, with any other health care plan or as a stand alone plan.
  2. Can I use the money I set aside only for myself?
    No, you can use the money set aside for any qualifying expense for yourself, your spouse or any dependents in your household.
  3. Can I change the amount I am contributing during the plan year?
    You may only change the amount you are contributing if you have a qualified family status change. You must make the change to your flex accounts in a manner that is consistent with your family status change and only within the 30 days following your family status change.
  4. If I went to the doctor before the start of the plan year and I am paying the bill within the plan year, can I use my flex account to pay this bill?
    No, only charges incurred within the plan year (date service is performed or provided) may be paid under the flex plans.
  5. How often can I file claims from my FSA?
    As often as you like, so long as each claim is for at least $5.00.
  6. Who do I call for information on eligible expenses from my FSA?
    Key Benefit Administrators. 1-800-558-5553
  7. When can I file claims to receive reimbursement from my FSA?
    You may file claims anytime during the plan year and within 90 days after the end of the plan year. You may only file claims for expenses incurred during the plan year. Plan year is July 1, through June 30.
  8. How much can I put in my Flexible Spending Arrangement? (FSA)
    You may put up to $5,000/plan year in your Health Care FSA and/or $5,000/plan year in your Dependent Care FSA.
  9. When can I enroll in the Flexible Spending Plan?
    Generally during Open Enrollment, April 15 - May 15, with the change effective the following July 1. You may also enroll within 30 days of your hire date or benefit eligibility date.
  10. How do I file a medical, dental or Flexible Spending Account claim?
    Claim Forms can be obtained in the PEB office or you may print the form below. 

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