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Trespass Notices

Indiana law authorizes Ball State University to issue trespass notices to individuals in violation of the law and/or campus rules and regulations. Violation of this written and/or verbal notice may result in arrest or criminal prosecution.

Each name listed below links to a photo and identifying information. These trespass notices will remain posted on the site for two years or until the violation has been lifted.

If you encounter a person listed here while on campus, do not approach or attempt to apprehend the individual. Do take note of his or her direction and details of travel and call University Police at 765-285-1111. Law Enforcement Accreditation

For more information, call University Police or speak to an officer in person at 200 North McKinley Avenue.


Trespassed Persons

Abrams, Tyler  Altman Curtis   Barnes, Michael   Besser, Steven T. 

Bevineau, Jeffrey  Buckley, Max  Callies, Christopher M.,  Capparelli, Anthony J.,   

Clevenger, Kerry G.  Cloutier, Christian  Coomer, Daniel A.  David, Christopher L. 

Corwin, James DeanCowan, Michael W.  Culverhouse, Justin  Dennie, Tony M.

Doster, Daniel   Duncan, Jaylen  Edminister, Michael Glenn   Evans, Landon

Ferguson, Jacob Tyler  Franklin, Jalen E. Gipson, Brian  Glover, Bryan A.

Harrison,Nathaniel  Heard, Michael T.  Henderson, William  Hendershot, Cheryl Mari Thomas 

Hepker, Blake Holeman, Darrell Eugene  Holl, Tyler E.  Howell, Richard B  Houston, Darjae M.

Janney, Tyler J.  Jones, Brandon Jones, David William  Key, Dominique  Kline, Jake R.

Krasowski, Steven Lamb, John K.  Long, William  McPhaul, Djuane L  Newell, Nicholas E.

Newell, Steven   Orr Billy Jr.  Owens, Garret T.  Paschal, Hunter C.  Passafiume, Conner

Pavnica. Mitchell D. Pearson, Charles Andrew  Phipps, Michael Joseph

Radyn, Anthony Frances  Retter, Andrew Jordan  Ross, Adam C.  Sabetti, Joseph B 

Schuler, Scott  Schmidt, Randy  Sheets, Samuel  Siebenaler, Brian  Sipe, Samantha

Smith, Ryan Christopher  Steward, Marqueze DeShawn  St.John, Alec  Strong,Randy D.

Suanes, Jared M   Tamayo, Joseph  Taylor, Zachary John  Triplett, Terry D.  Trotter, John D.

Upshaw, Michael  Van Stevens, Ryan  Westbrook, Bronson  Winn, Patrick D

Woolwine, Matthew E.  Wright, Randy  Yadon, Robert  Young, Deon Lamar


University Police
200 North McKinley Avenue
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-4 p.m.
Emergency: 911 or 765-285-1111
Report an Incident: 765-285-1111
Administrative: 765-285-1832
Fax: 765-285-8148
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