Purchasing services provides numerous services to departments on campus. Our services include loaning out temporary items such as table and chairs, temporary storage, asset management and preparing your department for a departmental move.  Our department utilizes two forms, the Move Request (B450) and the Equipment Request (B24) that our located on SciQuest Home page. Move Request forms are needed when any equipment or assets needs to be moved. Equipment Request (B24) are completed when needing loan equipment.

Purchasing services is also responsible for inventory control.The sole purpose of Inventory Control is to track all movable university assets valued at $500.00 and above. Inventory Control employees will inventory and record these assets with various methods, including the most common, utilizing the: "Property of Ball State University" bar code label. Inventory Control conducts a yearly physical capital asset verification as well as facilitating yearly departmental capital asset verifications.

Policies and Procedures