Asphalt Repairs 2018

Bracken Library Masonry and Roof Repairs Ph III

Emens Auditorium Terrace Pavers and Green Roof

Express Feeder North

Interior Remodel of Atrium Servery Art and Journalism Building

Interior Remodel of Room Number WB 145 Whitinger Building

McKinley Road Reconfiguration

REBID Bracken Library Fire Protection System Replacement Ph 3

Service and Stores Building Roof Replacement Ph 3

Studebaker West Anchor Installation Ph 3

Turf Replacement Room RC 129 Jo Ann Gora Student Wellness and Recreation Center

Whitinger Building Chilled Water Renovations

Whitinger Business Building Interior Remodel


Public Works State Guidelines

 Bid Documents are available on CD and may be obtained by faxing the bid document request form  to Purchasing Services at 765-285-1756 or e-mail to  The online documents require Adobe Reader. If having trouble viewing documents, please try a different browser such as, Firefox or Chrome

Policies and Procedures