Rec Fit Schedules

*Enrollment based classes

Enrollment based classes are (2) five week blocks in a small group format. Each block has an individual registration period. These classes require a valid semester/academic year Rec Fit Pass to register. Interested patrons should register for Enrollment based classes in the registration link below. A minimum number of two registered participants are required for enrollment based classes to run.

Enrollment Based Blocks

  • Enrollment based class Block 1: January 22nd - March 2nd
  • Registration Period for Block 1: January 8th - January 19th 
  • Enrollment based class Block 2: March 19th - April 27th 
  • Registration Period for Block 2: March 12th - March 18th 

Rec Fit Class Categories: 

Rec Fit Pass Prices:

  • Day: $8.00
  • Monthly: $35.00
  • Semester: $90.00
  • Academic Year (Fall and Spring Semesters): $160.00

How to Register:

Pay for your Rec Fit Passes with credit card, and log into your new Recreation Services Membership Portal. If you wish to pay with cash, check, voucher, payroll deduction, or gift card, please see the attended at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Front Office. There is no online registration for the previously mentioned payment methods.

Register Now

  1. Sign into your account using your BSU information by selecting “Sign in with BSU Username and Password” located in the red box.
  2. Select “Memberships and Waivers” from the options below.
  3. Select Duration “Academic Year”, "Semester", "Monthly", and "Day."
  4. Complete the payment process with credit card. 


Please note that the online portal only accepts registrations completed with credit card. To register in-person with cash or check, please see the attendant at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Front Office.

There is no online registration for cash or check. 

Need Additional Assistance?

Refund Policy:

The only times Recreation Services will issue refunds are for the following:

  • Recreation Services cancels the class due to lack of enrollment.
  • Participants relocate from the university.
  • Participants have a documented medical issue that prevents them from participating.

Class Policies:

  • To attend a fitness class, you must be a current Ball State affiliate. You must present a valid Rec Fit Pass and Ball State photo ID to your instructor at the beginning of each class.
  • We encourage you to arrive approximately 10 minutes early to all classes due to limited space and equipment.
  • Class schedules are dependent upon instructor availability and space availability may change at any time.
  • We welcome suggestions from our patrons regarding the Rec Fit class schedule. Please contact Matt Miller.
  • Class disruption can lead to being asked to leave the class for the day and possible revocation of privileges for future classes.

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