ID Numbers

If you are looking for your Ball State ID number, you can view it at my.bsu. Click on “Self-Service Banner,” then click the “Personal Information” tab. You will need your Ball State username and password to log in. A unique number is generated when you become a student in order to protect your privacy.

Students, faculty, staff, other affiliates, and vendors that are frequently on campus need to have a Ball State ID Card. You will use it for many important services, such as building access, meal plans, athletic events, and much more. Each time you use your ID card for a purchase, your plan balances can be tracked through our ID Card portal.  For these reasons, we expect one will keep the ID card in good condition.  

Your Ball State ID Card is the official form of identification and has your full name, your role (not your position), and your photo.

You may possess only one valid Ball State ID Card at a time. All students, faculty, and staff will receive their first ID card at no charge. Vendors are required to pay $25 for their cards. Replacement ID cards are available for $25, and misuse of the ID card will result in your paying to replace it.

New Students Attending Orientation

Once you have registered for your Orientation class, your Ball State ID Card will be printed if you have provided a photo. We strongly recommend that you submit a photo electronically to save time at Orientation. Orientation leaders will give you your ID card after the last Orientation session.

Online and Distance Education Students

We will verify that you have registered for classes, review your identification email (click on the Upload a Photo tab), and mail your Ball State ID Card to the address you provided in your initial email.

Faculty, Staff, Students, and Other Affiliates

You may pick up your Ball State ID Card during regular business hours Monday through Friday after photo submission, or earlier with special approval. To obtain special approval, please email with your request.

Valid Forms of ID for Identification Verification

  • state driver’s license
  • state-issued identification card
  • military-issued identification card
  • valid U.S. or foreign-issued passport (showing country of origin)
  • permanent resident alien card
  • certificate of U.S. naturalization
If you are able to upload your photo by the deadline, ID Card staff will then print the Ball State ID Card and have it ready for you at the end of your Orientation session. Using this service will reduce the time you need to stand in line.

  1. Have a photo taken (click on the Photo Requirements tab) or visit the ID Card Office in Bracken LIbrary, Room 311/312, to have your photo taken and card produced.
  2. Visit our photo uploading website.
  3. Log in to the photo upload feature by using your Ball State credentials (username and password)
  4. Click on "Upload ID Photo.”
  5. Once your photo is uploaded it will be reviewed, then either accepted or rejected based on the established photo requirements. You will receive an email to your Ball State account either way.
  6. On-campus students, faculty, and staff will come to Bracken Library, Room 311/312, to pick up their Ball State ID Cards. A valid photo ID must be presented before you can receive your Ball State ID Card.
  7. Online and distance education students will send an email to containing their full name, mailing address, telephone number, and a valid photo ID attachment. Once your identification is verified, your card will be mailed to you at the address you provided.

Tips for New Students Attending Orientation

Orientation students, of any affiliation with Ball State, may submit a photo for the Ball State ID Card prior to attending Orientation.

We strongly recommend that you submit a photo electronically to save time at Orientation.

Please submit your photo at least seven business days before your Orientation session. If you miss the deadline or forget to take your photo, ID Card office staff will not be able to use your photo request. ID Card office staff will take your photo in person at the time of card production for the Ball State ID Card. If you would like a replacement ID card at a later date, there will be a fee.

Tips for Other Students, Faculty, and Staff

Please plan to submit your photo in advance of the first day of employment, please submit your photo at least seven business days prior to your employee orientation date. If you are unable to submit your photo before your orientation date, ID Card office staff will take your photo in person at the time of card production for the Ball State ID Card.

Photo Template

Cardinal Card photo template

Use this template to visualize how the finished image will look.

All photos submitted to the ID Card office for Ball State ID Cards must meet the following requirements:
  • taken in color and within the last three months
  • maximum upload size of 1MB
  • pixel size of 118 x 118 (no exceptions)
  • JPG format
  • no group photos
  • full head and shoulders image
  • taken face forward and on a solid white background; you may smile if you like
  • no hats, caps, or sunglasses
  • no derogatory photos; the staff reserve the right to reject submissions
  • no social media pictures, altered images, or images that deviate from these criteria

How to Position the Photo

Our Ball State ID Card photo must show a clear, full-face, unobstructed frontal view of the person.

Your head, including both face and hair, should be shown from the top of the head to the bottom neckline and include the full hairline on each side. It is preferred that ears be exposed.

Head coverings are acceptable only if demonstrated to be worn in accordance with religious beliefs or as a result of medical treatments, and then, only if the head covering does not:

  • obscure or obstruct a full frontal view of the face
  • cast a shadow onto the face
  • display any ornament, graphic design, insignia, symbol lettering, number or character affiliation other than the overall pattern of the fabric or material.
We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  If you have questions we are happy to assist you.

If you lose your Ball State ID Card, or the card becomes worn, cracked, demagnetized or mutilated (including holes you have punched into the card), you may obtain a new ID card for a fee.

You may use the same steps you used for your first card. Or visit the  ID Card office in Bracken Library, Room 311/312.

All Ball State ID Cards cost $25 to replace. You must pay this fee, prior to card creation, in one of three ways:

  • Visit the bursar's office in the basement of Lucina Hall and bring your receipt to the registrar's office.
  • Make a credit card payment on Cashnet.
  • Students taking only online and distance education courses may send an email to the ID Card office, requesting a replacement card. You will need to make a credit card payment on Cashnet.
We will still require a valid photo ID when you pick up or when we mail your Ball State ID Card to you. Mailing options are available only for online and distance education students, and we will send your ID card to the mailing address you provided in your initial email.

If you are a faculty member or an employee of Ball State University, you can get a picture ID card at the ID Card office, Bracken Library, Room 311/312.

You need to bring another type of picture ID (a driver's license, charge card with picture, etc.) with you to prove who you are.

You can get your email account when you obtain your ID card.