Research Integrity

Human Subject Participation (IRB)

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a peer-review committee charged with the responsibility of protecting the rights and welfare of humans involved in research. Ball State follows the ethical principles laid out by the Belmont Report. Ball State University's IRB subscribes to the "Common Rule" for the protection of human subjects found in 45 CFR 46.  

The IRB reviews and approves all of Ball State's research protocols involving human subjects in order to ensure compliance with laws and national standards regarding the ethical treatment of human subjects. The researcher must attain IRB approval before conducting a study involving human subjects. Annual resubmission must be completed for projects of more than 12 months duration.  IRB protocols are submitted using IRBNet.

Review the steps needed to prepare and submit a human subjects research proposal to the IRB.

Visit our resources page to learn more about the IRB and specific kinds of IRB proposals, including proposals involving protected population groups.

For one on one help with research design, be sure to check out the Research Design Studio. The graduate students and faculty there can help you design a sound research project, as well as provide advice on proper qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

If you have any questions, please contact John Mulcahy, Associate Director of Research Integrity or Jennifer Weaver, Research Integrity Administrator.