Research Integrity

Institutional Review Board Committee

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with the responsibility for the protection of individuals participating as human subjects for research.

Voting Members


 Member   Title   Department 
 Bryan Byers  PhD (chair)  Criminal Justice and Criminology
 Serena Shim  PhD  Educational Psychology
 Ione DeOllos  PhD (vice-chair)  Sociology
 Carolyn Shue  PhD  Communication Studies
 Tom Holtgraves  PhD  Psychological SDcience
 Karen Thatcher        PhD  Speech Pathology
 Jeff Hansard  BA  Director CASA
 Joe Levitt  MM  Director of Opera Theatre
 Linda Siktberg  PhD  Nursing
 Yvonne Thompson  MPA  Community Member
 Alex Chalmers  MBA  Information Technology
 Clark Dickin
 PhD  PE Sports and Exercise Science
 Nate Sutter
 MA  Elementary Education



 Member Title   Department
 Ashley Sodaat  BA  CASA Coordinator
 Eric Pierson  PhD  Educational Psychology
 Michael Tagler  PhD  Psychological Science
 Tina Edwards  JD  Criminal Justice and Criminology
 Elizabeth Johnson  PhD  Nursing
 Richard Petts  PhD  Sociology
 Jeanne McMillan
 MA  Speech Pathology


Office of Research Integrity

Member  Title   Department
 Christopher Mangelli  JD  Director of Research Integrity
 John Mulcahy, Jr.    Associate Director of Research Integrity
 Jennifer Weaver    Research Integrity Administrator



Member  Title   Department
 Alfreda Bright    IRB Administrator, IU Health


















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