Research Integrity

Preparing a Human Subjects Proposal

Attention first time submitters! Our Graduate Assistants are offering office hours for individual consultation regarding research proposals or submissions using IRBNet. Taking advantage of these resources can significantly reduce the time you spend on revisions to your protocol! To learn more about this new program, visit the Education and Training section of our website or call our office.

Note: The Institutional Review Board and the Office of Research Integrity will advise student researchers on matters directly germane to institutional, state and federal guidelines on research and the IRBNet submission process. The IRB and ORI will not advise students on their research projects beyond its legal and ethical scope. The IRB and ORI will not advise students on the research design process including, but not limited to, survey design, questionnaire wording, study procedures, data analysis, etc. Students needing advice on research projects beyond the scope of the IRB or ORI must consult with their faculty advisors.

Before submitting your proposal to Ball State University's Institutional Review Board, please make sure you complete the following steps:

1.  Complete CITI Training.

2.  Register on IRBNet.

3.  Review submission deadlines for the Institutional Review Board.

4.  Complete all pieces of the application.  This will include the Human Subjects Research Application and Narrative form, along with any additional relevant documents.  This might include informed consent documents, surveys, recruitment letters or e-mails, and so forth.  Are you offering incentives to research participants?  You may want to review some of the IRB resources.

5.  Upload your project to IRBNet.

6.  Share your project with your advisor and team members (if applicable).

7.  The Principal Investigator and Faculty Advisor (if PI is student) must electronically sign off on the project.

Please note: Following the initial submission of your protocol, you may be asked to make some revisions before your project will be reviewed. If these pre-review revisions are not made and submitted within 60 days, your project will be withdrawn and must be re-submitted as a new project.

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