If your project has been deferred, you will need to submit a revision package.

1.  Use your username and password to sign in to IRBNet.

2.  Click on “My Projects” and select the project you want to modify.

3.  Click on "Designer” located under the “Project Administration” section on the left side of the page or in the center of the page.

4.  Click "Add New Document" to submit a revised document with requested changes. (Note: changes should be made according to the deferral letter sent to the IRBNet e-mail address you provided.)

5. Your project will be locked and you will be unable to edit documents that have already been submitted. Click "Create New Package" to submit a revised version of the documents requested.

6. Create, complete, and submit the appropriate documents.

7. In the document type menu, select the most appropriate match for the document you are uploading. If there is no match, select “other” from the menu. Select the “choose file” tab to browse your computer for desired file (arrow). Click the “Attach” button to upload the file to your package.

8.  The reviewers will be interested in seeing the changes you made to your original proposal.  For minor changes, such as slight word changes, you may be able to highlight the new text you added to the original document.  For larger changes you will want to upload a separate document that describes the changes you made in your proposal.  Including both highlighted changes and a separate document helps to more fully explain how your project has changed in light of committee feedback. 

9.  Click on “Sign this Package,” on the left side of the page. Once at the Sign Package scree, indicate your project role (arrow) and click "Sign".

10.  Your project is ready to be submitted to committee.  Click on “Submit this Package.”

11.  Select the proper committee to review the study.  Ball State University has four listed: ASPiRE, IACUC, IBC, and IRB.  Highlight the committee and click "Continue." 

12.  Select your “Submission Type,” and choose “Revision," and then click "Submit."