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Research Integrity

Lab Safety and Security Committee

Member Title Department Contact
Chris Mangelli Chair Office of Research Integrity cmmangelli@bsu.edu
Tom Russell Vice Chair, CHO Facilities Planning and Management  tlrussell@bsu.edu
Cathy Alexander Member Chemistry  caalexander@bsu.edu
Susan Calvin Member Biology  sacalvin@bsu.edu
Saiful Islam Member Physics and Astronomy  mislam@bsu.edu
Marie Kelly-Worden Member Physiology and Health Sciences  mlkellyworde@bsu.edu
Michael Litt Member Medical Education  mdlitt@bsu.edu
Anthony Mahon Member Human Performance Laboratory  tmahon@bsu.edu
Stanley Ross Member Natural Resources and Environmental Management shross@bsu.edu
Les McSparrin
Member Instructor (Chemistry) at Burris/Indiana Academy ldmcsparrin@bsu.edu 
John McKillip Member  Biology/IBC Chair jlmckillip@bsu.edu
Lee Florea Member Geology lflorea@bsu.edu
Derron Bishop
Member Chemistry caalexander@bsu.edu
David Bell
Member BSU Public Safety
Brent Cole
Member School of Art
Lenny Kaminsky
Member (Alternate)
Human Performance Laboratory
Scott Trappe
Member (Alternate)
Human Performance Laboratory
John Mulcahy Member (Alternate) Office of Research Integrity jmulcahy@bsu.edu
Jennifer Weaver
Office of Research Integrity
Sandra Currie
Non-Voting Office of Research Integrity