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Research Proposal Guidance Page

Research Integrity can assist you in determining where you should send your research proposal.  All protocols are submitted using the online program IRBNet.

If your research involves:

There are three kinds of IRB research proposals: exempt from full board review, expedited from full board review, and requiring full board review

The amount of potential risk to participants and the participant population determine the type of review.  The IRB at Ball State University determines which kind of review is necessary for your research proposal.  Since researchers are not able to determine which kind of review is necessary, we recommend researchers submit their protocols to the IRB, using IRBNet, at least one month before the research project will begin.  This gives adequate time for review.

Attention First-Time Submitters: The Office of Research Integrity is launching the Peer Mentor Program, which gives researchers one-on-one assistance in preparing and submitting their proposals. Please consider contacting our Graduate Assistants if you have any questions about the protocol preparation and submission process. Guidance from the Peer Mentors can significantly speed up your approval process!

If you have questions, please contact John Mulcahy, Associate Director of Research Integrity, or Jennifer Weaver, Research Integrity Administrator.


IRB Researchers: Version 3 of the Human Subjects Research Application and Narrative is now live. Please use the updated form when submitting new protocols.
Attention Animal Researchers: The teaching application, laboratory animal research, and non-laboratory animal research forms have been updated. When submitting these forms, please use the updated versions on the ORI website or through the IRBNet library.
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