Accessing and registering on the CITI Web site

1.  Go to

2.  Click "Register Here."

3.  There are seven registration steps.  Select Ball State University as the "Participating Institutions."  Your username does not have to match your Ball State username and password.  If you are earning CME/CEU credits by taking CITI Training be sure to check yes on Step 6.

4.  The next page asks you to enter your institutional email address, department, and role in research.  Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

5. Next you will “Select Curriculum.”  You can return to this page at a later date to take additional courses.

If you are working with Human Subjects

  • Select "Social and Behavioral Research Investigators" or "Biomedical Research Investigators" under "Question 1." 
  • Please choose the course that best matches your discipline. 
  • Please note either course fulfills the required training component.

If you are working with Animals

  • Select from the options in "Question 2." 
  • Please note you will need to take the "Working with the IACUC Course" plus any modules covering the species you will be working with. 

If you are planning on applying for NSF funding

  • You will need to address "Question 4" and take the "Responsible Conduct of Research" course that best matches your discipline. 
  • This course is an additional course to any you may need to take if you are working with humans or animals.

If you are a member of a Review Committee at Ball State University

  • You will need to take the following courses that are applicable to your committee:
    • IRB Members
    • Essentials for IACUC Members
    • Responsible Conduct of Research for Administrators.

6.  After selecting your curriculum, you will go to the Main Menu.  To get started, look under "Status" and click on the red "Enter."

7.  You will go to the "Required Modules" page.  Start with the "Integrity Assurance Statement" and continue through the modules.  You do not have to complete the modules in order.  You must pass all modules with an overall score of 80%.  You can complete module quizzes as many times as necessary.  When all modules are passed, you may print your completion report through the link "Print" in the Learner's Menu.

8.  If you need to select more modules to take, click on "Add a course or update your learner groups."