Policy Regarding Minors

All University employees, students, or volunteers participating in programs involving minors must comply with the requirements of the Ball State’s Policy Regarding Minors.

Those requirements include:

  1. The program must be registered by the program leader with the Office of Risk Management within sufficient time to meet the requirements of the Policy Regarding Minors;
  2. criminal background check as needed by Human Resource Services;
  3. Completion of approved training as provided through the Office of Risk Management.

Please read the suggested guidelines regarding basic forms and procedures appropriate for all programs involving minors to assist in ensuring compliance with the Policy Regarding Minors.

A criminal background check is required for all personnel in all programs involving minors except those that are discrete, occasional events using a large number of volunteers. The Office of Risk Management will determine if any program may be excluded from the background check. The program leader of such excluded program shall then check all program volunteers against the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Sex Offender Public Website and provide the Office of Risk Management with a list of those volunteers successfully screened. No volunteer who fails the screening may interact with minors in University programs and activities.

University training resources for programs and activities involving minors include the following: the Policy Regarding Minors; on campus; in laboratory settings; and in athletic camps. A mandatory video training is required to be completed by all employees, students and volunteers who will be working with minors participating in a covered program or activity.  No one will be permitted to interact with minors without completing the video training. The Office of Risk Management will maintain records on video training.

Please contact the Office of Risk Management at 765-285-1110 for additional assistance.